Can't Boot.


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I tried to dual boot xp pro x64 on my computer and it just went all wrong.
I installed xp on a seperate partition and after it was done installing, it restarted and i got a bsod :rage:.. Now, I can't boot xp or boot regularly to vista... Also, I tried going on the recovery console to edit the bootloader and i can't get in because the password is wrong ( I have no administrator password ) Is there any way i can boot regularly to vista again? Thanks in advance -
Boot your Vista DVD (or our recovery disk if you don't have one)
"repair your computer" (bottom left)
"startup repair"
Do the above 3 times in total and Vista should be booting again.
Cant Boot

I think I found the problem. After trial and error, disconnecting different drives I tried disconnecting the primary HD and it allowed me to boot from the DVD drive. So it appears the primary HD is bad or corrupt. Is there some way I can test the HD to see if it is bad?
Go to the Manufacturer's website. They generally have a "drive fitness" utility available for free download. (Quite often written only to function with their own hardware, but you might be lucky to get a universal tool from another OEM)

You can also (if you don't want to save the contents) just do a full format (not quick) of the HDD and it will remove all bad blocks from use.
If you want the contents (whatever's savable), run a chkdsk /r against the disk
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