Can't change drive letter


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My coumputer had Windows Vista installed on c:\
I also had another partition on the same drive called d:\
Into that partition I've installed Windows XP, and after that I've "repaired" the boot loader using Windows Vista installation disk, thus making Vista my default OS again.

Installed EasyBCD on vista, and now I'm trying to add the XP entry (which is at D:\), the problem is that the program doesn't let me change the drive letter in the "add entry" section (its stuck on c:\ written in grey (not black) meaning it can't be changed).

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot..


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Hello & welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

EasyBCD automatically detects the correct letter from a Windows XP entry and sets it - it can't be changed. It's not actually (necessarily) C:, but rather it is auto-detected.

You can read more about the drive letters at