Cant choose login in dualboot


Hi all, got a big problem
Recently bought a new SSD drive,so I installed Windows 7 on that drive, and on my raptor I later installed Windows XP.
I have previously used EasyBCD, and it worked well, but this time something has happend
I had WIN 7 installed first, then I installed Win XP, with SP3, so I installed EasyBCD and launched it, thats when the problem started
An error prompting "error opening BCD registry" and there was no possibility to change anything, but in someway I managed to erase all, and now I can add entries, but no matter what I add, it always boots to XP, and no choice on choosing system to boot into

My Win 7 lies on D drive, and my Xp lies on C drive...
In XP I added win 7 as default boot, but nothing happends...
Please help me
Thanks / Theodor
Tried that, but nothing happened.....
I got so desperate, so I decided to reinstall win 7.....
thanks for your help
/ Theodor