Can't connect to internet


First off this is a HP Pavilion dv5 laptop and it won't let me connect to the internet. I already figured out that its not the modem or router. When i go to the device manager and look at the network adapters it shows me that the Microsoft 6to4 Adapter #2 and Microsoft ISATAP Adapter cannot load drivers. Been searching online for a solution but cannot find one. How would i go about getting the drivers for these adapters seeing as the solution button don't work and when I try to update the driver it says that they are up to date.

Please help I don't have money to bring it to anyone to fix and plus finals are coming up in a few weeks.
Are you able to get on the internet if you plug in a wired connection to your router?

Visitng here select the correct model of your computer and download the wireless adapter driver for the adpater you have.

When the adapter is installed properly, Windows well show a little icon in the system tray with two computer monitors and a globe (or something similar to it) indicating you have an adapter installed and enabled. If you're in XP it should automatically pop up a notification letting you know wireless networks are available to connect to, at which point you would select your network from the list. In Vista/W7 it may not do this, but rather, display a tooltip with the same message when you move your mouse over the icon.

Still having problems? Go to Network Connections in control panel in XP or Network and Sharing Center > Manage Network Connections in Vista/W7 and attach a screenshot of the listed connections.
it shows that I am connected to the router but won't connect to the internet. Just tried to connected to router via wired connection but still no internet connection. I am able to use MSN messenger but it won't connect to the internet. When I try to update the drivers for the adapters it says that the drivers I have are currently the latest ones.
Its odd that MSN messenger works yet you cant browse webpages. What web browser are you using? Reset all the settings to their defaults, verify that no proxy settings are configured/enabled. Have you tried visiting more than just the home page? Try right clicking on the connection and repairing it.
how do i check the proxy?? i have tried to load other homepages but nothing. i have tried firefox, explorer, google chrome and they all say the same thing can't load webpage. repairing the connection doesn't do anything
Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings.

Verify "Use a proxy...", "Automatically Detect..." and "Use a script..." is unchecked.