cant delete entry form easybcd



i installed 3 os's

1 vista
2 Mac os
3 Ubunutu

Now i have Probs with ubuntu. During the Installation of Ubuntu i didnt install any mbr/grub .

I launched easybcd and added ubuntu with drive assocination. Nth happened.
Than i checked the box Grub isn't installed in the bootsector.
Now if i chosse ubuntu he load grub.

Now i thought i delete the entry install ubuntu again WITH Grub.

But i cant delete the ubuntu entry in easybcd:
the Error is:

"You must uninstall Neogrub from its own section below"

What can i do?

Go to the Add/Remove section and click on the NeoGRUB section. Not the Linux section. There click the Remove button. That will remove NeoGRUB and you Linux entry.