Can't donate money to NeoSmart via PayPal, pls help me to send you some money, thx!


Mostly Harmless
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Donations should be working OK, I've sent you an email though.
Hey site admins! Your web site prints this when I try to donate some $$$ to NeoSmart: Checkout Error! Must redirect to url
This is the closest thread to my problem.

I am trying to pay to download EasyRE. I have now tried this with both Firefox and IE. I normally have no problem purchasing on the web. But here for EasyRE, after I type in my credit card details and click the appropriate button, I receive the image Please Wait. So far more than once, I have waiting for more than 10 minutes for this to complete. It has not succeeded yet. I have tried PayPal with the same failure.

I have come across your web site because of recommendations and believe it to be the right place to obtain the software to fix a PC's Windows problems. However I will have to go elsewhere, probably to an inferior site, if I can't download your software.

Needless to say the PC from which I am trying to access your web site is not the PC that has the Windows problem.

I would appreciate this being fixed as soon as possible, as currently I have an unusable PC.

With thanks,

Julian Gallop


If you're going through hell, keep going.
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If you're going through hell, keep going.
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Good luck :wink: