Can't find a link for downloading Build 163

I believe that should say 162.
In the OP of the link I gave you.
Also those fixes are pulled from the final 2.1.2 which you could use
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Hi Terry --

Thanks for responding. I think you might not be thinking of the Nov 30 post that Mahmoud did outlining specifically (among other things) the fix that I am interested in and which he referenced Beta 2.2 Build 163. It's the last entry in the Sticky thread and was in response to a recent thread (titled "Fedora 16 Troubles" and started on Nov. 28 by member Acrob) that talked about correctly locating the bootloader for Grub2.

Here is the line from Mohamed's Nov 30 fix list that references this particular issue:

* [EBCD-489]: Fedora 16 uses /boot/grub2/core.img for GRUB2

Given the time frame of these messages and the fact that in a previous Nov 28 message he specifically refers to Beta 2.2 being distinct from the released EasyBCD 2.1.2 product, I'm wondering whether there isn't in fact a more recent version that fixes my problem. 2.1.2 is what I have on my machine. But I guess I'm looking for access to the 2.2 Beta (and Build 163 of that). Is it possible to get hold of this? Mohamed talks periodically about uploading the latest Beta 2.2 build; is that to a place that is accessible by someone like myself? I feel so close to getting this problem solved and am watching my day evaporate while I sit here dead in the water, so any help you could possibly provide would be immensely appreciated.


Hi Mike,

I indeed misspoke and that is supposed to say 162. Public EasyBCD 2.2 beta builds are available in the first post at EasyBCD 2.2 Beta Builds
As Terry said, the Fedora fix in particular was backported from the EasyBCD 2.1.2 release

2.1.2 is 2.1.1 with Fedora 16 GRUB2 support
2.2 is a completely different line, based on 2.1.1 with internationalization support and new logos, started long before 2.1.2.

EasyBCD 2.2 Build 162 merged the changes from 2.1.2 with the new features of 2.2 build 160, combining the best of both worlds.

If EasyBCD 2.1.2 did not work for you, then 2.2 b162 won't either. If that's the case, please post the details of your problem and we'll see why it's not working, because both these builds should address the issues you're having completely. While it's possible that we may need a new build with a fix to get your system up and running, it is more likely that Fedora was not correctly deployed.