Cant find BCD registry, but...


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I may be totally off the mark here: I installed EasyBCD becasue I am getting a "non system disk - press any key" error message during boot. EasyBCD came up as a solution to problem (after I checked boot.ini file. I have a very old PC (Dell 8200 P4 1.9Ghz), running XP. I do not have another OS installed... but I did recently install Acronis True Image Home 2010 trial which may be the cause of the problem. Anyway, I run EasyBCD to see what its all about, but get inital error message saying cant find BCD registry. I know I'm over my head because I had to google BCD to find out what it was, where it was, etc. :??

Still dont know what I should do... can EasyBCD help my issue, or did I just stimble on a really cool company + great blog software for naught?

HELP? ...eirc bernhard
Sorry, EasyBCD's not going to be any use to you. (see here)
It sounds like the connection to the HDD might be bad. Try disconnecting/reconnecting all the HDD cables several times (both ends of the data cable) to clean up the contacts.