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Hi I have a hp pavilion m9150f and my is operating system is vista 32 bit. After a virus removal today my system started to get bsods and wouldnt go pass the system recovery screen. Repairing would do nothing and I had no previous system restore. So after a few hours of googling i found the Vista recovery disc and this site. The problem is that once i load the disk I can not find a operating system. I did follow the instructions and repair the disk several time but the operating system still didnt show up. I try the command prompt but when i did bootsect i get an error. Please help?
Normally you laptop should have a "recovery" Partition which is hidden and not shown with any drive letter. Check you manual for the hotkey you need to use during startup to access those partition.

Please keep in mind that those partition will exist only if your laptop was coming with an original OEM version preinstalled.
Thanks for responding, now I got the recovery disc to work. I did all the command prompt stuff bootbcd blah blah. but now i have a different error message. failed to start and tells me to insert a installation disc.

file: boot\bcd\ status: 0cx000000f info: an error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data.

i can't access the system restore or recovery. no os is listed. tells me to load driver. i don't know how.
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