Can't find Windows 2008


My server was running Windows 2008 on drive C: and I installed Windows XP on drive F: . When I view settings in EasyBCD, I see only the Windows XP entry. When I attempt to add a new entry, I don't see Windows 2008 as an option on the dropdown list, and the only option that allows me to automatically detect the correct drive is the one for Windows XP. How can I define Windows 2008 as Entry #2 ?

What OS are you running Easy BCD out of?

If you are running it out of Windows 2008, you should already have two entries in Easy BCD for Windows 2008. Then all you have to do is add the entry for Windows XP.
I am running EasyBCD from Windows XP, which is the only OS that boots at this point.

I've now added an entry for Windows 7. It didn't detect the drive so I had to point to to E: manually. I now have Entry #1 for Windows XP and Entry #2 for Windows 7 and it still boots directly into XP without giving me the option to choose 2008.
Look in "edit boot menu"
Do you have timeout set to zero or "skip menu" ticked ?
Are you pointing EasyBCD to the BCD manually at start-up ?
If so where are you pointing it to ?
Did you ever repair the W2k boot after installing XP ? (read the sticky - point 4)

Windows 7 and Windows 2008 server R2 are almost identical or at least very similar. Normally I would recommend that you use the Windows 7 recovery disk to regain the ability to boot into Windows 2008 server. Of course you can try that. Alternatively if you can install Windows 2008 server on a different machine you can make the recovery disk for Windows 2000 eight server. The process should be nearly identical to the process for making the disc in Windows 7.

Windows 7 - System Repair Disc - Create

How To Repair Windows 7 From USB Flash Drive (Repair Without Installation DVD Disc)

Windows Recovery Environment

Once you have the disk made, inserted in the machine that can to boot Windows 2008. Reboot. Click next.

Make sure that the radio button that says “use recovery tools that can help fix problems starting Windows. Select an operating system to repair.” Is checked. Click next. Click on start up repair. Click finish. Reboot and you should be able to get back in the Windows 2008 server R2.

Once back in Windows 7 install Easy BCD. Make an entry for Windows XP.
Still not working.

I followed the instructions for repairing the MBR after installing XP and it did show me the boot menu options when I restarted. The Windows 2008 option worked ok but the XP one did not. So I selected 2008 and went in to EasyBCD to repair the boot menu. I deleted the XP entry and re-added it, allowing it to choose the drive automatically. After rebooting, I now have 3 XP options on the actual boot menu (not in EasyBCD) and only one of them works, booting to XP. I tried to follow the MBR repair steps again but this time nothing changes. I still have 3 XP options, 2 of which tell me that my hardware or software has changed and it won't boot.
Do you mean you get a second menu with multiple XPs ? If so
Using the latest Beta build, go to Tools > Edit Legacy entries and you'll be taken to the NTLDR boot.ini that's in use.
Delete all the lines in the System section for the non-working entries.