Can't get into XP


Hi all, something really wierd just hapenned and I can't help it but to write it down here in search of help.

I just installed the latest Nvidia driver (177.92) for my XP ,32 bit, and the whole screen just went beserk on me, flickering, totally blank, and at one point the computer went dead, not allowing me to remove the bad driver.

It would have been an easy case by just booting into safe mode and uninstalling the offending driver. BUT, I've got a dual boot (Vista/XP) where while booting into safe mode it automatically gets me into vista. So I can't get inside xp to delete the driver.

Is there a way to remove the bad driver from within Vista? If so, where, within XP are those files located? I'm guessing that as soon as the bad driver's files are deleted XP will revert to it's generic drivers and allow me to re-instal good drivers.

I would very much appreciate your input, thank you.

Hi lucinda. To get into XP safe mode, hit F8 immediately after you select XP from the boot menu. (it's NTLDR you've got to intercept, not Vista's bootmgr.)
It worked.

Thank you very, very much for the quick reply, IT WORKED! I had no idea I could enter XP's safe mode like that. I was in a panic, lol. Well, one learns something everyday.

Again, thanks a lot Terry60 , you saved my day. Great forum by the way.

No matter how long you use software, especially big bloated stuff like windows, you never find all the little wrinkles. We all come across "I didnt know you could do that !" moments regularly. It's great to have somewhere friendly like this where you can find such little nuggets, and pass them on.
I wonder how long it'll be before you are passing on the advice to rescue someone else ?
Happy to have helped.