Can't get past "Which OS Message"


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I've got into a mess with a dual boot setup, following SP3 update which crashed my PC.

I have the following:

Windows Vista - primary OS
Windows XP (secondary)

After the crash, I managed to get in via safe mode and restored the Vista boot info so it would boot up again, but then I only had Vista working.

In Vista, I removed the record and went about trying to reinstall XP and that threw out an error in the process.

I now have the usual Which OS but the message and it says:

1. Windows XP Professional
2. Windows XP Setup

I get a missing hal.dll message that comes up after choosing the option and now don't know where to go next.

One though was if I could find the file that invokes the menu, I could get past the problem and go about restoring Vista.

System is Acer Aspire T180, with some upgraded bits. OS is on partition.



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Can you get into Vista or not?


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Big sigh of relief!

Thanks a million!

Got the instructions, and back up and running with Vista.

Think my next move will be a second drive for XP to live on.

Am I right in thinking it is also more user friendly to have XP before Vista?



When I reboot, I get the DOS-like menu asking me to choose between:

1. Windows Vista
2. Windows XP Professional installer

Can I get rid of this - and how - so that I can get back to rebuilding my dual boot system and my confidence?


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EasyBCD 2.0 latest build /Edit boot menu
delete unwanted XP entry
"add new entry" / windows tab / XP dropdown / add
let EasyBCD auto configure


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Thanks for this. The actual problem I have is that I'm getting error messages, sorted one to find another (how it usually goes, I guess).

The current one is:
C:\$WIN_NT$.~BT\winnt.sif contains an error in line 1.

Can I delete this/these folders/files in order to invoke the full installation process again for XP?


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Your problem is with a corrupt boot.ini

Modify it to remove the incorrect entries.