Can't Get Recover Xp After Vista Install Please Help


about a month ago i installed windows vista beta 2 over windows xp home edtion. im pretty sure it was a clean install, i followed all the recomended options when installing windows vista. I've read most of the other posts but i still don't know where to start im kind of a rookie at this, any help at all would be greatly appreciated
Well the upgrade would require you to have an older version of Windows in order to upgrade to XP. Like Windows 2000 or before.

I would have to ask if you bought this PC from somewhere like Dell or HP? If so you should have gotten a disc with your PC that would allow you to install XP again. If not you can contact them to get a disc to install XP again so you dont have to buy XP again.
Well, in the absense of the license, you're going to have to buy a new XP disc. An upgrade disc will work.
there is a Vista Upgrade disc work-around. It is long and complicated. Basically it involves installing twice. Who wants to do that.