Cant get the download to work


Hi Is it me or is there a fault in the latest BCD download link, only nothing happens, i have 1.7.1 and want to try 1.7.2 but cant seem to get a download to work?

Fixed it if i selected open in another tab it worked, weird! running Vista and Kaspersky
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Did you have "remember me" ticked in your logon ? The absence of that tick sometimes seems to prevent downloads from working.
Probably the pop-up blocker in IE7 with medium or high setting. I've had to download files in that matter before myself due to IE7's annoying characteristic of blocking popups/downloads the user iniates.
I just found that out CG. I've been on 1.7.1 since the year dot, and decided to see if the download was OK by updating to 1.7.2 myself.
I spent ages searching the forum for a link newer than the 1.7.1 level without success until I eventually found it where you describe in your post ---------- but I'd already posted my comment before I found that out ! (I've always got everything through forum links, HnS iR etc and had no idea that there was anything not available through that route)
lol, good point.

There's a plethora of resources available on the site that aren't linked in the forums - for instance all the downloads (dl.php?id=xx) are only linked from their respective release posts on the blog (and other sites, of course) since I never got around to creating the archives page...

You can see all the different programs by inserting a different number from 1 to 15 at the end of this uri:
How prolific you are CG !
Don't have a need for server products myself, and waiting for the HnS compatible iR, but Time tweaker ..... (when's my next tax return ?)
btw 8 is missing ?
Thanks, Terry.... I hope to expand that number beyond a meager 15 apps though - need to work harder!

As for number 8, that would be Startup2Service: Neowin Forums Startup2Service Public Beta - no longer supported since beta 1 is buggy...

One of the first NST programs I ever wrote, never got past beta 1 due to a number of non-technical reasons... intended to speed up system boot times by converting startup applications that don't have a user interface to system services; stuff like Adobe Speed Launcher, Java Update Checker, system cleaner tools, all the weird junk programs install, etc.