Can't get XP to Boot After Vista Reinstall


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I've just recently recovered from a vista crash (my own stupidity :tongueout:), and I've tried unsuccessfully to get XP to boot after the reinstall.

Here's the situation:

My initial setup was Vista on a single hard drive. I then purchased a second hard drive and installed XP on it using tutorials on this website (this was over a year ago). So I was using EasyBCD in Vista to make the XP disk work.

Now that I've formatted my Vista drive and reinstalled, anything I do to try to get XP to boot doesn't work. When I try to add an entry, it won't let me select the Drive. I've put the NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM on the roots of both drives (cause I don't know where they should go). Also, I don't see a BOOT.INI file on my Vista drive.

I you can help me, it would be greatly appreciated. I can provide more info if I haven't given enough to help solve the problem.
Hi Noodlez, welcome to NST.
Get the latest build of EasyBCD 2.0, and try again. It's all automatic now.
Read the sticky thread (5 and 6).
There's a reason why EasyBCD won't let you change the drive.