Can't install win7 over current o/s


I get an error during the loading files phase of the installation of windows 7, Error 0xc00000e9.

I have windows vista ultimate 32bit now and want to clean install windows 7 ultimate but can't due to this error.

All help is appreciated and welcomed, Thank you.

edit- I've seen in some places having two hard drives with different connections types can cause this, I've tried unplugging my IDE hdd and installing but it didn't help any. ( I will retry this if its suggested again.)
Generally, when you get an error code that you can write down, you should immediately turn to Google...
However, looking over the found sites myself, I couldn't really find anything useful in this case, though this problem does seem to be common.
Any external devices connected to your computer? If so, disconnect them all, then try installing it again.