Can't install xp.


Ok guys here's my problem.
I had a fully working dual boot system with win7 and win xp. Yesterday i reinstalled xp and as I was setting easybcd i somehow deleted boot.ini. Since then when I am trying to install xp i go through the setup where it copies files from the xp cd (cd boot) and then when i boot from hdd it can't continue to the setup i get an error "invalid boot.ini" and enter an endless loop of reboots and this. I have to mention that i can't even boot into 7 as i don't get an option.
Then i tried to install win 7 on my xp partition. And it worked just fine. I entered the os installed easybcd clicked all the repair buttons and managed to boot to my original win 7 installation.
So I thought now I can install xp on the partition. Tried to do this but again the "invalid boot.ini" loop.
What do I have to do?

Hope you understood as it is all messed up.

P.S.Tried all the search I could do.
Have you tried another XP Disk? Have you tried checking the disk making sure that it isnt scratched or damaged? Have you tried using a 3rd party formatting tool like GParted? The fact is that this has something to do with the media being used. While it may have worked previously, something has gone wrong with it. Maybe a scratch on it or maybe you touched it to get something in the groove. But this isnt anything to do with EasyBCD at all.

When you deleted the boot.ini information were you within XP or Win7 at that time?
I tried it with my old XP cd, then with a usb xp version and then with a brand new xp cd. All three had the same effect. I did not yet set the xp partiton to active as the partiton program warned me that my pc might not be able to boot in 7. Don't want to lose my whole pc.
When i deleted the boot.ini i was in xp. Actually what I did is from easybcd to remove all the xp entries. Then easy bcd didn't even show my win 7 at the edit boot menu, nor could i add a win 7 or xp entry.
You can use any bootable partition manager to flip the active bit.
Get yourself a copy before you need it and you won't lose access to W7. (the W7 DVD command prompt can also be used)
(If you use GParted, remember that Linux systems call the active flag "boot" or "bootable", so that's what you need to set in that case)
Don't forget to put it back where it was afterwards.
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