Can't load LinuxMint from USB Drive - Hardware Problem ?


I use an external USB disk drive which is accessible from (any) Windows operating system and which has LinuxMint on it.
However it can't boot. If I connect the external disk then I can select it as a boot device trough Bios. But during the boot process it gets stuck and says: NO operating system.

If I use my multiboot system disk and go into the BCD-Boot menu, the boot process gets stuck when I selcect LinuxMint.
The process seems to halt at the Grub prompt after grub4dos takes over. EasyBCD v.212 is configured for Grub2 .

Only If I connect the external disk directly to the SATA-cable, then it BOOTS LinuxMint.

Can EasyBCD do something ?

Thank you for comments.


I just noticed problems with LinuxMint have been reported here previously . That - on top of my usb-problem

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