Can't load recovery disc from USB


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I left my computer on one night and it won't load Windows now at all. It gives me an unmountable boot error. So I looked on google
that I might have a dead hard drive or a software corruption. So I'm hoping its a software corruption. Anyway, I downloaded the windows vista 32 bit recovery disc, and I downloaded Easy BCD. I followed the steps and copied everything to the USB and added the new entry and checked the files. But whenever I start up my computer it just says," Disk Read Error" Press any key to continue in an infinite loop. I can't enter a command prompt because my computer won't even load
the black safe mode selection screen. I can press esc and get to the bios menu and it says hard drive section 1-07 failed. I don't know what to do..should I just give up? I got the blue screen many times before but I didnt know what it was. And the computer has had to reformat itself alot. I got the laptop in 2007 and I have my files on am I out of luck?