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Hi People!

I had the following configuration working properly:

-Windows 7 (default)
-Windows Vista
-Windows XP

But then I reinstalled Windows 7 because the previous one had problems.
Now, after various attempts to recover my bcd that I searched for and found in your web site, when I turn on my machine I see a black screen with this on it:

"NTLDR is m☺"

Any suggestions?
Use startup repair from your Windows 7 DVD. If you were using the beta you'll need to clean install the RC now, otherwise the system well restart every 2 hours.
I already tried to use the Windows 7 RC DVD but it doesn't detect neither Windows 7 nor XP when try to use the repair startup feature.

Plz help me, I'm going mad :frowning:
The NTLDR is m(issing ?) message indicates that your MBR / PBR have been reverted to XP, instead of vista/W7.
Did you click on "uninstall the Vista bootloader" in EasyBCD at some point ?
It's there to put the XP bootloader back in control if you're removing Longhorn system(s) from the PC completely and reverting to a solely XP environment. It should never be used if you still want Vista or W7 to function.
The "startup repair" feature of either Vista or W7 should be run to repair the boot process of whichever one was previously controlling your boot.
Just because you made W7 the default doesn't mean that W7 was the controlling boot manager, it might have just been added as an entry into Vista's BCD if Vista was there first.
If you can seee one of the Longhorn systems, let startup repair fix it, and then use EasyBCD 2.0 to put the entries for the other systems in place if needed.
Yes the NTLDR is Missing but I see a black screen with this "NTLDR is m☺" I dunno why.

Well. I already tried the Windows Vista and Windows 7 startup repair feature and they didn't work.

I also tried the Windows XP "Recovery Console" but I don't know the admin passwords as I don't even recall having set up any of those in the 1st place. So I tried the Windows 2000 CD to do the same but I couldn't get any positive results either.

Once again, I need help.
XP recovery console is no use. You must get one of the Longhorn systems back in control.
Did you do multiple iterations of "startup repair" ?
It only fixes one thing at a time and generally needs 2 or 3 tries before it's reinstated all possible problems especially if it's trying to rebuild the boot from scratch.
Also if your OSs are spread across multiple HDDs, try disconnecting all but the one with the system you want to be the in control, until the repair is working.
Thank you for the tip, but I've done many iterations and none of them actually produced any results. Each attempt generally goes for 5 to 10 minutes before the "startup repair" goes to restarts the computer.

I tried booting from a Knopix Live CD so I could search for the NTLDR files on the hard drive but I couldn't even find the holly hard drive!

Do you think I might have luck booting form a Windows based Live CD (if that even exists)?

canariod, ntldr isn't used to boot Windows 7/Windows Vista. Have you tried system restore? You may want to consider backing up any important files to an external drive cause its looking as if you'll need to reformat/re-install.
I know that longhorn-based systems don't work with NTLDR but I need to repair it so I can go to Windows Xp and recuperate my files from the other systems and that's it.

I would love to re-instal everything, but the fact is I have no idea how to reach the hard drive to back up the files. Any ideas?

Thanks one more time.
It looks pretty much b*gg*r*d to me.
This is what you should see if you've got a Vista Partition.
You don't even seem to have a partition structure on your HDD.


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You may want to try TestDisk, in the future remember to backup your important files cause you never know when something like this may happen.
So I managed to install my hard drive from my laptop on the troublesome pc so I could give a last try to retrieve my beloved files, but it was useless. All I found was an empty partition (FAT) with over 10 Mb - and my hard drive has over 250GB! So yes, it was somehow damaged.
I used the operating system on my laptop's HD (Windows XP) to format the defective HD. I did it so and my new HD was formated to NTFS.

Next step was installing XP (so I could install Vista over it and then use EasyBCD). But ANOTHER problem:

After doing the initial transfer of files to the hard drive before starting the installation program and after restarting I get a messege saying: "Booting from C:/ ...." And then it's all black and restarts to the same point.

What should I do?

And yes, I will definitely use one back up tool like you mentioned so I can rest assured :grinning: thks for the tip
On a fresh install if you've been having problems afterwards with the present hard drive maybe its time for a new one.
Well, somehow I managed to get Windows XP back again on my PC :grinning:

I just re-formated it and used the Windows XP CD and that was it.

Anyhow, thank you all for the support.