Can't restore factory settings vista!


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I have a Compaq SR5027, 32bit home premium desktop been having a lot of problems recently so want to dump it, i have done this twice before with no problems as such. I didnt get any cds with my pc it has a recovery partion, when i've reverted to factory settings before i just hit F11 on boot up to go into system restore and then go from there, now when i do that it says loading files then after it does that i just get a black screen, sometimes i get a blue one with a curser but nothing else! So if any one can help as i dont no any other way to restore factory settings!

Update: Just tryed the vista recovery disc u can get off the internet the iso file burned to cd using poweriso so that was correct and when i boot from disc aftert changing in bios i can hear the cd loading up then all of a sudden a repeated beeping sound comes form my tower so i turn off and still havent resloved anything, itryed several times using several discs all correctly burnt onto disc using the iso burn feature in poweriso!
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Hi Tombiz.
Count the beeps you hear at POST.
Then search the net for the information on the codes for your mobo Chipset. The number of beeps will indicate a particular piece of malfunctioning hardware.

(you can't use our recovery ISO for an install, just to repair a broken boot. It contains no installation files)
I have the same problem. I tried to restore my computer to factory condition with a recovery ISO from hp that came with my computer. This ISO has the recovery manager on it that has the system restore on it.



So on start up installation I get an error that says," System registry contains invalid file paths. Installation cannot proceed. This system image was applied without guaranteeing that drive-letter assignments would match across computers."

With that being said I think the problem is that my drive letters aren't matching up. Like for example, my C is D and my D is C .

What should I do to fix this?