Cant run eastbcd, cant see OD drive


I made the mistake of running an older version of ghost on Vista, it created a fat 16 partition & screwed the boot etc. When it ran it wouldnt return to windows.

Using the recovery disk & other 'tools' I pushed that partition to one side & now it boots to the recovery partition.

Using Ubunto I can see the OS partition on disk 1 along will the dell utility & recovery partitions (old ghost has been deleted) I can also see disk 0, my datadisk.

Ive run dos commands for fixing the mbr, no joy, Easeus products see the drive/partition but do nothing.

I cant run easybcd (not recognised as an internal or external program)

my OS drive doesnt have a drive letter & nothing I have tried will assign one, it is generally listed as 2: OS or *: OS

My recovery drive is listed as 1: Recovery or *: Recovery - but it can be accessed.

I'm losing the plot now, I have no original disks, dont want to upgrade or lose data - after all the starting point was to ghost the drive to avoid problems!

Where do I go now (may be delays in responding due to work patterns)

I found that using gpart in ubunto, I was able to remove the hidden flag on the drive, then using the system repair was able to gain access to my drive & from there do a system restore.

I had used your recovery disk previously to make the initial break through - thanks.