Can't run safe mode in xp os dual boot


I am running xp and win7 dual boot, my win7 os doesn't work with Internet or sound. My xp recently got a virus causing it to immediately restart my computer. I've been trying to run the xp in safe mode however when I am in the dual boot choosing os menu, I can't click F8 on xp but I can on win7. I've tried msconfig in win7 but it says that I only have one operating system which is win7 so I cannot edit anything for xp. How do I run xp in safe mode? I really need help, thank you for reading.
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If selecting XP and hitting F8 immediately doesn't result in an extended XP menu, then it would suggest that NTLDR isn't being chained, so you can't interrupt it.
Is there a copy of NTLDR in the W7 root ?
You'll need folder options set like this to see it