Can't start Windows 7


I've installed Linux on my computer there is a few weeks but I've not install the boot-loader correctly so to fix this problem I used EasyBcd and choosed between Windows 7 and Linux. EasyBcd worked greatly but I've reinstalled Linux probely then I had 2 boot-loader so I needed to uninstall EasyBcd. But uninstalling the program don't restore the ancient boot-system so I still had 2 boot-loader. Then I reinstalled EasyBcd to try to desactivate it on an other way. I've not find how to do but now Windows 7 can't start. Fortunatelly, I can go on Linux and see and change the Windows'folders so I try to resolve my problem (creating à boot.ini file for instance). After à long tine of works and researches I call your help.
Is there a way to desactivate EasyBcd or to restore the initial boot only changing and creating files ?

PS: Sorry if you don't understand all I said, I'm french.