Can't uninstall EasyBCD 1.7.2


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When I boot up my computer I am required to choose an option on whether to boot into Windows XP or the recovery console. I tried to change the bootloader with a version of EasyBCD which I have had on my computer since a brief foray into dual-booting which didn't work out.

I can open EasyBCD fine, but when I try to do anything the program quits with an unhandled exception. I decided to upgrade to the newest version but I am unable to install over the current version or remove the current version from my computer. When I try the sand timer icon appears but nothing happens and the program I am using freezes.

I have tried uninstalling from start menu, using the Windows uninstaller, and using Easy Uninstaller.
EasyBCD is for manipulating the Vista/7 BCD. It has no purpose or function in an XP-only system.
It's a simple passive app which should install/uninstall without fuss.
You presumably have some registry corruption or a partial install which is causing a problem.
Try Revo uninstaller (freeware) which can normally clean up such messes.
Failing that, just delete the NeoSmart folders from your Program Library and Users/yourname/app data/local folder and any NST folder from partition roots, and you'll get all your space back.
At worst you'll have an orphan entry in the registry, which any number of registry cleaners will clean up if you're bothered. (EasyBCD is not an active part of the system. You'll do no harm by deleting it)