Can't use Vista Recovery partition


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Thanks for such a good program like EasyBCD, due to this, once I was able to install XP on my HP laptop which had Vista on it.

Recently something wrong happened and I lost partitions on the same laptop. I have recovery CDs for Vista but the DVD drive is not working and I do not want to spend money on such a rarely used part. And again NST came to my help through Vista recovery disks which I used with USB stick prepared on other laptop. (Thanks again)

I recovered Vista boot entry and then other partitions(with other utility) also. the only problem remaining is I can not use Vista recovery partition bcos there is no boot entry. I have saved BCD when prepared my laptop for dual boot, and tried to install the saved BCD but still I am not able to use recovery partition.(sorry if sounds irrelevant to EasyBCD, but let me finish...)

I will make it short,
> My laptop have Vista HomePrem32, with dual boot XP
> DVD drive not working,
> Boot entry related to Vista Recovery partition is lost, all files in this partition are healthy
> Need to restore vista bcos mouse is frozen due to driver problem(code10, code 39, there is no solution for this on the net, I lost a week of searching)
> XP also freezes at Welcome screen not allowing to logon
> I have access to other laptop/pc to create USB and also have 3 recovery dvd

Questions :
> can i use EasyBCD to make Vista recovery partition bootable by a separate entry in boot menu? if yes, then how?
(files list from recovery partition : boot, hp, preload, recovery, sources, tools, windows, bootmgr => all these no extensions, but with size 5-20MB approx, preload is very big, 8.2GB, seems like image files
other files are : pagefile.sys, hpcd.sys, rcboot.sys, user, automode, master.log, a bunch of language files and folder like recycler, system volume etc.)

any solution? pls help...