Caught in a Loop - Windows Explorer VHP64

Please help. Running VHP64 on a Lenovo laptop. Yesterday morning machine wouldn't boot. I can get to the log on screens but when I click on a user account I am told that Windows Explorer has stopped working, then WE is restarting, over and over again. I am able to get to Task Manager. I downloaded the 64 bit recovery disk but when I try the repair option it tells me there are no problems. I did use it to restore Windows as far back as I could - pretty sure the only thing I downloaded were Windows Updates - and have the same problem. I don't have any kind of recovery disk supplied by the manufacturer. Microsoft support suggests I reload the OS which I don't want to do at this point. I'm also getting some Visual C++ popups with some info about debugging a line of code with the ignore/retry type options. Help, please! Many thanks!
Thanks. I was just about to post when I saw this reply. The darn thing came up. I let it shut down, it said it was installing Windows Updates, it restarted, finished configuring updates and then came up peachy keen. Appreciate you advice. Lesson learned: all files will now be backed up on a regular basis.