CG...can't Get Your "ramblings" In My Yahoo


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I can't get your newsfeed...
This feed is making a “clunking” sound.
This publisher's content was recently unavailable so FeedBurner cannot present it at this time.
What to do?
Contact the publisher to notify them that their feed content is not available. This may be temporary problem, or the publisher may have permanently removed the feed from FeedBurner.
If you cannot reach the publisher, you may contact FeedBurner to report the problem. Please include the error code and message detail displayed below in your posting:
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HTTP Error Code: 404

It's got to be Yahoo. If I click on the header...I go to your blog or feed - whatever. If I click on any of the sub-headers I get the same error.
I'll look into it although I didn't really want to give up my current home page as it has many features that are useful.
This happened with the Restrospec Forums too and eventually they worked, so I'll wait and see.