CG - did this forum get hit with the latest spam outbreak?

Hmmmm.. We're using an automated spam-detection system on all posts by newly-registered users (basically, anyone's first post). This ships with 3.7.x by default, and I've modified it to compare across two different black list services - most of these spammers are caught, their posts are flagged for moderation (made invisible), and await my word to have them banned.

I'd really recommend McAfee upgrade to the new system, it can save many man hours!
Thanks, I'll pass that on. Unfortunately dealing with a very large corporation is like banging ones head against a brick wall most of the time.
The wheels move slowly at McAfee but something is being done....eventually. I suggested reCaptcha and/or an extra question that only a human can answer in the enrolling process, plus upgrade of course. We shall see.
The webmaster is looking at your suggestion plus the thread in the vBulletin forums.

All this has pumped up my post count over there to over 30,000.....would you believe.
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That's incredible, Peter! :|

I forgot to mention that we use ReCaptch here - but that switching from imagemagick captchas to the ReCaptcha service didn't make much of a difference... some of the imagemagick ones are incredibly hard as it is, and the majority of these spammers seem to be humans not bots.

Anti-spam services like Akismet can judge spam based on its content, so it doesn't matter even if a real human is the one doing the submissions.
Thanks. I'm still second in post count over there though! They are looking into upgrading and making changes and I should hear something today, hopefully.