chain booting error when boot to mac osx retail


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Please help me, I install win7 and mac retail on mbr, I can boot to mac via boot cd nawcommodcd, I boot to win7 and use easybcd 2.0.2 add entry for mac with mbr (have issue chain booting error) or efi (have issue restart computer), sorry, Iam not good english

I try follow this post but I don't know how to create that entry
Delete that OS X entry, and try creating a NeoGrub entry w/ this config file instead:

rootnoverify (hdx,y)
chainloader +1

Just replace x with the OS X drive and y with the partition number.

Probably it'll be (hd1,2)
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Installing MacOS X and Windows 7 on a single hard drive


1. Fire-up EasyBCD, and navigate to the "Add/Remove Entries" screen.
2. Select "Mac OS X" from the tabs at the top.
3. From the platform drop-down list, select "Generic x86 Hardware"
4. If you wish to change the name from the default "NST Mac OS X," you may do so now.
5. Select "Auto-configure Mac Settings" and then hit "Add Entry" to finish up.

Mac os x install directions:


nawcom ModCD v0.3 = nawcommodcd = nawcomModCD.iso download link, click on direct download:

As we know , EmpireEFI , tonyx86 boot cd and other boot cd variants has helped a lot of us to get retail OSX installation in our beloved Dell Computers (and clones alike). What nawcom has done with his boot cd is that he has taken entirely it into next level. His bitchblog may seem a bit technical. So I am here to translate that to plain english on simply what it means.

It simply means that now you can install OSX alongside with Windows on a MBR partition without the need of formatting the entire drive as GPT and using complicated procedures to dual boot. Plus on top of that , nawcom has added support for a variety of graphics card (well almost all which Chameleon native Graphics Injector supports) as opposed to my EmpireEFI. It will automatically detect your hardware through I/O Registry and post-instructions will be posted over at Desktop , thus making it a lot easier for you to get to know about your hardware and to determine if its supported. For your information , I’ll be working with nawcom to come up with an awesome boot CD which shall supersede EmpireEFI.

Nawcom’s BootCD – The sucessor to EmpireEFI

if you’re interested in the disc I would downloaded ASAP as it seems this download keeps getting blown off the download mirrors.
that link helped me out greatly! why didnt you post that in my quad boot thread!!! hahahah


wow, so i used this boot cd, mac installed on MBR, and it completed. when i rebooted and booted to the boot cd again, it starts making a LOUD beeping noise from my laptop (not from the speakers)....idk whats going on!!!!!!!!!! lol
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