Chaining onto TrueCrypt loader


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I have a laptop with 2 hard drives. The primary hard drive is a solid state drive, the second is a "standard" mechanical drive. Because of the hows and wheretos of the SSD Sandforce controller, the SSD does not use software encryption.

EasyBCD is set up on the primary (SSD) drive to dual boot between Win7 and Fedora (both on the SSD). Works fine.

The second hard drive is the problem. I want to have an installation of Windows on here which is encrypted using TrueCrypt's system encryption. I think this would work fine if my laptop's BIOS supported choosing between the two hard drives when it comes to boot. I can choose between USB, DVD-ROM and Internal Hard Drive - but it doesn't allow me to specify *which* hard drive, so it always boots to the primary drive.

I installed Windows to the second (mechanical) drive OK. I installed TrueCrypt and initiated the system encryption. To problem is that the entry in EasyBCD doesn't do anything with the MBT on the second drive, it jumps straight in to the Windows loader, so I can't progress the encryption.

Is there any way of adding an entry to EasyBCD which will make it boot to the TrueCrypt loader on the second drive?

Many thanks.