Challenge! Repair MBR of an external drive


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Hello. The problem is this one. My windows 7 is completely screw up, it failed to start, probably because of a usb key removed unsecurely or a virus, i dont know. No safe mode either, no restore, impossible to repair with the install disk, etc. Only the usual interface of the repair disk.
Now, my old hard drive still contain a functional windows 7 installation, the same in fact. But my new SSD hard drive wont start up. I would like to use the correct boot settings of my old hard drive and copy them to the NEW while it connected as an external usb drive. I'm not sure it could solve the problem but we never know. Is there a way to do that with EASY BCD? I already tried to manually correct my mbr but it didnt change anything... My last option could be to upgrade my windows 7 with the upgrade option but this stupid microsoft company only let me upgrade when i already start windows, not within the repair disk interface... Anyway, months of tuning and i erased my backups last week because my girlfriend really need space for her own backup. :lup::lup:

If i could boot directly into easybcd in a dos prompt while my NEW is plug in the sata, maybe i could attempt a restore option, i dont know.
Anyway, it's my first forum experience, i'm in deep s***
Easy enough, just File | Select BCD Store, then select the \Boot\BCD file on the external drive.

Then go to the MBR section of EasyBCD and click "Write MBR"