Change Boot Device


I have an old win2k pc with no cd drive or floppy and wont boot to usb. I have imaged another system to its drive but I get an ntldr error on boot. I am trying to install easybcd to get it running, but it only sees my testing(XP) pc's drive as the boot device. Because of this when I remove the drive and put it back in its pc I have the same error since the boot files are on the xp machine.

So here's the big question. How do I run easybcd from my xp machine but get the boot loader and all on the 2000 hard drive?
EasyBCD can't help you with an NT-only environment.
The BCD is a Vista invention, continued in W7.
It doesn't exist in NT/W2k/XP. Their equivalent is the file "boot.ini" which is the data repository for NTLDR. Since this is a text file, you need no special app to dual-boot in NT. You can do everything you need with Notepad, or any other text editor.
I have BCD on an xp only machine and have used it to fix ntldr errors before. Do you know how to fix and ntldr is missing error when it is there and the boot.ini points at the correct drive/partition?