Change Boot Drive to Logical Partition Silently Fails


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
EasyBCD 2.0's new "Change Boot Drive" option will silently fail when a logical partition is selected as the new destination.

Obviously a logical partition cannot be the boot partition, but EasyBCD needs to detect this and offer an error message.
Thought about it, but I believe it'll cause people to think something is wrong.

I can already imagine the "bug reports" of EasyBCD not listing all drives.
Well, its either having them complain cause they picked the invalid choice or the fact it doesn't show. Its better just not to list what's an invalid choice, like you did with the selection for linux entries.
Oh no, I wasn't thinking of having it silently fail.

Most likely if they select a logical partition, I'll bring up a message box that explains why they can't use it and what steps they should take to resolve the issue.