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There is a big problem with the choice of [ALT]+[`] as a hotkey for window switching. [ALT]+[`] is a longstanding (decades long) default hotkey combo used for IME language/keyboard switching in CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) languages. I'm afraid to install Easy Window Switcher because it looks like it will grab the [ALT]+[`] hotkey, leaving me unable to switch languages/input methods. Can the hotkey combo be changed after installation? If so, how do I get my IME hotkey set back to it's default. Better, can the hotkey combo be changed before or during installation? Any thoughts?
Sorry, apologies to Tom.
I didn't even know that Neosmart software existed, hence my moving the thread to Windows support.
I'll put it back where it was.
I've completely forgotten about the "neosmart news" section here in the forums and neglected to post in it when all these new freeware tools have been released.

Maybe I should set up some sort of script or something to automatically create a topic each time a new blog post is made.
Easy Window Switcher doesn't necessarily use alt+` to switch windows - it uses alt and whatever key is to the left of the 1 key on your keyboard (in the number row, not the numpad). Is that ` for you?

Hi, with standard swedish layout keyboard win7, my key to the left of 1 is § but switcher is not triggered by that.
By trying all keys combo I discovered that the Easy Window Switcher triggers at alt+ä with ä being the key two steps right of L key.
Really inconvenient. How can I rebind to alt+§ like it supposed to be? Can this be achieved by modifying some registry string in regEdit?
The latest Easy Window Switcher release (1.3.0 from February 2022) should definitely include the fix for Swedish keyboard layouts (correct support had flip-flopped based off of incorrect user feedback in previous versions) (this is mainly for @FatCash).

@mirkolofio Unfortunately I need more technical information than that to fix this for your keyboard layout. Fortunately, we released a tool back in 2017 that makes it really easy to provide the needed info - just run this download (no installation required) and press the key it tells you to press (the one left of the 1 or, more pedantically, the leftmost key in the row below escape and the function keys) and then either upload a screenshot ( + Shift + S) of the results or copy-and-paste what it shows.

Download Key Identification Tool (257 KiB)

For example, here's what I see when I press the tool for my keyboard layout (US Dvorak):

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