Change HAL to multi Processor


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My IBM Intellistation MPRO has a 3.8 Gig 64 bit XEON processor (Prescott). The Device manager shows 2 processors, but the HAL is ACPI but does not say multiprocessor, as it should. Also Task Manager only shows 1 thread, and is checked to show separate threads for each processor. It used to show as multi proc & show 2 threads, but long ago... Not sure when it got confused... Is there a way to change the HAL short of re-installing, as that will cause many problems, re-installing software & arguing with vendors to re-issue licenses... (Microsoft... Adobe... etc.) >.<
What Windows is this?

Windows Vista and up are always multiprocessor, regardless of what it says and whether or not your CPU is SMP.

Windows XP/2003 will unfortunately require a format and reinstall, no way around it.
Open msconfig and specify 2 processors in the advanced options. (Make a restore point before you do that so you can restore if it won't boot for some reason.)