Change location of Boot.sdi (and/or BCD?)


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I had for a long time a "master" Usb boot stick. I had a TON of stuff on it, Grub4DOS was the primary boot loader, and I had an option to chainload mootmgr for booting to WIMs. I used EasyBCD to manage the entries in BCD.

On my old USB stick I had the boot.sdi in the /boot folder. But now I'm trying to re-create it and EasyBCD always creates it in /NST. It's a small thing, but I like to keep the root of the USB stick clean. Is there any way to move the boot.sdi? there any way to set a folder other than /boot for BCD?


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BCD can't be in any folder other than /boot and boot.sdi's path is hard-coded in EasyBCD to prevent conflicts with other versions of the file on your machine.