Change system drive using BCD?


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I have a Windows 2008 server that I plan on configuring as a terminal server. We have a line of business application that requires that the C: be mapped using subst to a user-specific share.

In Windows 2003 it was a simple registry tweak to swap the drive letters but the same procedure in Windows 2008 causes problems - namely that when you try and log in the user profile cannot be loaded and system tools (for example the event viewer snap-in) fails to work.

Is it possible to change the system drive letter? During install or after? Using BCD or registry tweaks?

Many thanks for any assistance or direction you can offer,
You can't change it from C:\, unless you have a second partition that is already assigned as C:\

If those are your applications, I must strongly advise that you change that behavior ASAP, because that's a real PITA.

You can't change the letter of the system drive after you've already installed the OS.