Change the language of boot manager menu



I have a quadruple boot XP, Vista SP1, Vista SP2 & Windows 7 on my computer.
Since Seven has been installed the last, the language of the boot manager menu has, of course, become english.

The language files are available under "\boot" of the boot disk and under "\windows\boot\PCAT" of the Vista partitions.
I unsuccessfully tried to implement the command :
bcdedit /set locale fr-FR
with administrator rights.

The command ends by "The operation completed successfully" but no change occurs in the boot manager menu.

Do you kow a way to change the language of this menu either with Easybcd or by an other mean.
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Did you install a French version of Windows? Maybe you need to specify the {bootmgr} entry since that is usually used in conjunction with the /set switch to change bootmgr settings. Example:

bcdedit /set {bootmgr} locale fr-FR
I installed first the french versions of the two Vista and XP, and then the US version of Seven. However, the boot languages seem to be installed with Seven (see my previous message).
I tested various command parameters also unsucessfully :
bcdedit /set locale fr-FR
bcdedit /set {bootmgr} locale fr-FR
bcdedit /set {default} fr-FR
bcdedit /set {current} fr-FR
The message of command prompt is yet "The operation completed successfully".
In addition, locale is shown as fr-FR in detailed view settings.
Check your Disk Management screen. If Windows 7 is handling your boot there will be no way. Since there is no French version of Windows 7 out there. There is only English.

So until the Beta officially starts. You are out of luck.
Windows 7 is indeed the boot system.
The language packs seem to be installed.
You're right. I am going to wait for the beta version.