Change Windows Vista Language?


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dear guru, I am in tokyo,japan for a work and use HP G7000 notebook with Windows Vista in Japanese language. Since I am having problem with the language, is there any solution with changing the language of OS. If not any thing I can do with install previous version of windows may be XP as dual boot. Once I tried but I am not able to do it since I also made recovery disk. Since then I am also out from some of the keys that displays default. esp with at the rate sign, which used to be at numeric key 2 but here in this laptop it is left side of key P but it displays Ð sign.
Please help me this problem.
anup shrestha, tokyo, japan.:frowning:

We'd kindly request that anyone experiencing problems with dual-booting OS X and Windows Vista refrain from opening a thread on the issue for the time-being.

At the moment, EasyBCD is capable of dual-booting OS X and Windows Vista in accord with the instructions found at Other instructions created and maintained by 3rd parties can be found elsewhere on the web.

We are aware of certain difficulties in dual-booting the two operating systems with EasyBCD, and we are working on a solution with certain members of the OS X community with much experience in this field in hopes of adequately addressing this issue in a satisfactory manner for all involved.

You can expect beta versions of EasyBCD 2.0 in the near future that address this and other issues, along with a host of other new features and functionality.

Thank you for your patience.
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I'm not sure what the problem is. Is your problem with the input keyboard layout not being correct or with Windows not showing the right language?

If it's something to do with the keyboard layout, open the control panel, go to regional and language options, and take a look at the installed keyboard layouts.