Changing BCDeasy default boot from Linux, possible?



I think this is a rare case but we need to dual boot Win2008/Fedora from a server remotely (in another building and a hassle to get access).

We want to be able to boot from Win -> Linux and Linux -> Win remotely.

BCDEasy works fine for Win -> Linux but unable to boot from Linux-> Win remotely (w/o manually selecting the OS).

Having a remote KVM is not an option (IT won't allow it) and tried unsuccessfully editing grub.conf from Windows.

My questions is: is there any way to save the BCDeasy default boot option somewhere so it can be restored from Linux? so we can reboot from Linux to Linux or Linux to Windows?

Any suggestions would be appreciated..
Cheers, Max
Hi Max,

There's an easy way around this with our iReboot utility: Download iReboot 1.1.1 - NeoSmart Technologies

This is a Windows only utility that will add a taskbar icon that will let you select what OS to boot into.

You'll need to set the bootloader default as Windows though, so when you're in Linux you'll be able to leave it without modifying the next boot target.
I dont think iReboot will do the trick. As it is only a Windows tool and cant be installed in Linux.

I mean if they have the system setup to boot directly to Windows and set the time to like 5 or 10 seconds than the issue is simple when they have to go from Linux to Windows. Just reboot and let it go and it will boot to Windows.

The same can be said of using this tool from within Windows to boot to Linux. But it doesnt meet all the criteria. He wants to be able to go from Linux to Linux as well. Which cant be accomplished by either the tool or the default boot target.

So while most of the criteria is met, there is still one option that cant be accomplished using EasyBCD or iReboot. I dont think there is a way for that to be accomplished using any methods we have on site.
Linux to Linux ?

Hi Computer guru,

Thanks for the tip, it worked great!.. We have at least an option..wondering if it's there is a way to boot from Linux -> Linux directly? I know it's possible by booting Linux -> Windows, and Windows-> Linux, but people would like direct booting options..

We tested the grub once option which worked also but they didn't like to boot Windows-> Linux, Linux -> Windows for Win-> Win booting.

Finally, is there any other alternative or configuration than involving two boot managers + app (currently, grub, BCDeasy + iReebot app)?

Thanks, Max
Hi Max,

There's another trick you can do, but it's not easy:
EasyBCD | Change Default OS
Set Linux as the default. COPY \BOOT\BCD to another location, then change the default back.

When you want to boot into Linux from Linux, you can do so by overwriting the current \BOOT\BCD with the one you copied before. It's dirty, but it'll work.