Changing boot drives


Hard drive 1 is currently the active boot drive. Hard drive 0 is where the W7 64 bit operating system resides. Hard drive 0 will is not recognized as a boot drive if I try to boot directly from it. What is the procedure to make Hard drive 0 bootable without destroying the operating system and data that is located on it?
Are you saying that W7 installed the boot files ( "system" flag) on a different HDD to the main OS ?
If so, you can use EasyBCD 2.0 latest build
"BCD Install/Repair"
"Change boot drive"
Point it to the W7 partition when asked.
Change the BIOS to boot from the W7 drive.
W7 got installed on the wrong hard drive. The other hard drive had VISTA giving me a dual boot. If I disable the hard drive with VISTA then W7 will not boot even if I change boot drives (in the bios or swap the sata cable or select the W7 drive as a boot device).

I'll try your suggestion.
Cross disk move of boot doesn't always seem to work. If thats the case, disconnect Vista's drive. Perform startup repair. Might take a few tries before Windows 7 boots on its own.
Remove any unused entries. It shouldn't display any more. If it does set the timeout to 0 or enable skip boot menu.
There is only 1 entry - W7 and the time is set to 0. Boot Manager flashes on the screen for about .5 seconds.


EasyBCD's box to skip the boot menu was unchecked. Once I checked it then ------ gone.
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Its going to flash for .5 second, but it shouldn't be display a menu with options. So its fixed now?