changing MBR to correct Drive

Ken A.

If this a stupid and basic question, I apologise, but here goes.

I have two drives fitted and want to remove one, unfortunately when I do so the machine will not boot, I check and remove the other one instead, still no boot. I read in one of your help FAQ's that I have the MBR written on one drive which is different to where my current system is loaded and suggests writing a short script in the cmd box.

This fine except for the life of me I cannot drop a line in the cmd line box.

This is all quite new to me these days, but my days of writing batch files etc in Dos are a long time ago, just how do I end a line and start a new one.

Like I said earlier a stupid question.
Many thanks, much simpler than trying to work my way the the command prompt box. I saw it earlier then got diverted by the other article.

Thanks again.
Not working for me - help!

Hi there

I had a similar scenario. I had Vista on one physical drive, and installed Win 7 to a second, stupidly not thinking about the implications of that. I know want to remove the drive with Vista on it.

I have performed the Change Boot Drive activity using EasyBCD from within Win7, but then on booting with only the Win7 drive connected, I receive "A Disk error has occurred. File Not Found. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to reboot"

I have also tried "Recreate/Repair boot files" but this made no discernible difference.

The Windows automatic repair tells me there is no problem, and the from the command line bootrec/ scanos tells me that zero operating systems were found (with only the Win7 disk attached.

Can anyone help me get to a point that I can boot using only the Win7 drive without reinstalling?

basically boot your PC with the Windows 7 install DVD into Command Prompt mode and issue a

bootsect /nt60 SYS

so once on the system recovery options of the win7 dvd; instead of clicking "start up repair"

click "command prompt" and enter

bootsect /nt60 SYS
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Thanks Alassi01

I've just tried that (bootsect is not on the Repair disc, but it is on the installation DVD - interesting) but it still tells me that a disk read error has occurred after I reboot.

Is there anything further you would suggest?

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Did you change your boot order in your bios to boot from the disk your windows 7 is on? If you are booting from the correct drive then disconnect your Vista drive from your computer and run win 7 startup repair. that should put the MBR on your win 7 drive then you can reformat your Vista drive or discard it.
good luck
Hi amartin
Yes, that is with the Vista drive disconnected. Windows startup repair tells me that there isn't a problem. With the vista drive connected, the system boots up fine and I am given a choice between Vista and Win7.
Is windows 7 on your c: if not you will get a disk error. you may have to run your repair disk 2 or 3 times. I had the same problem as you and what I did was to take my XP drive out of the computer and ran the repair disk and it worked. This should put your win 7 on C:
Then i used the repair disk to go to the command prompt and format my XP disk.
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Hi amartin

Win7 isn't on c:, it's on f:. Vista is on c: as it was the first OS on there.

I've tried running the automatic repair tool many times. The first few times it appeared to be doing something, but after I used EasyBCD it no longer reported a problem and now just tells me to remove any portable music devices etc and reboot as it couldn't find a problem.

Glad you got yours going, but whatever I've done is not going to go away as easily as you fixed yours!