Changing the Boot Partition -- invalid statement?


I'm attempting to use the procedure described in "Changing the Vista Boot Drive," with Easy BCD v 2.0.

1. When I entered the 5th line, bcdedit /set (bootmgr) device boot
I got this message "Element data type specified is not recognized or does not apply to the specified entry. Run bcdedit /? for command line assistance." I re-entered it and got the same. The help screens shed no light for me. What could be wrong?

2. The 1st, 3rd and 4th and 5th lines produced responses, but all I got from the second line (mbrfix.exe, etc.) was the command prompt. Is that OK?

Curly braces?

Is it possible that I need to use curly braces in place of the parens around bootmgr?

I'm using Win 7 RC -- does that change anything in the script?

I would appreciate assistance of any kind. Although I'm an experienced NT dualbooter, with Win 7 I'm flying blind.