Changing the Windows 7 Boot Drive


I got a new computer with 64-bit Windows 7. Like most new OEM computers, mine has a hidden Recovery Partition. I want to remove the Recovery partition, but it contains the files Windows 7 needs to boot. I've got to copy these boot files to the C:\ drive.

EasyBCD Tips and Tricks has an article entitled "Changing The Vista Boot Drive". I think I can use the instructions from that article to move the boot files from my Recovery partition to my system partition (C:\ drive.)

Changing the Vista Boot Drive - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

I've used EasyBCD in the past for 'simple' stuff...never anything as complicated as this. The article was written more than a year ago, and it was originally written for Vista. And I don't know if it matter that I have x64 Windows 7.

Can some brave soul tell me how I need to update the procedures for Windows 7 (or point me to a link that describes it.)
Get the latest build of 2.0
BCD Install-Repair / Change boot drive
Job Done.

Be sure to make OEM portable recovery media before you irrevocably burn your bridges and delete your built in reset facility. It'll cost money to get some from the OEM in future. (chances are you'll eventually need them)
Is that really all there is to it?

(I actually have a backup image of the Recovery Partition.)

Wait a second: You're recommending I install beta software. I should expose my ability to boot to beta code?

"... there is no guarantee whatsoever that accompanies these builds."

With all due respect, I'd rather wait until the software is final. In fact, I'm looking forward to it. :smile:
The software is stable. Its just considered beta because a lot of adjustments (including a recent revamping of page layout) and other new features are being added regularly.
Technically, there is no guarantee for *any* software on your PC. We just choose to make that overly-clear :smile:

I'm the developer of EasyBCD and I can "assure" you that 1.7.2 has known problems and shouldn't be used.
<lol> I hear you!

Alright then, I'm ready to do the deed.

I mean no disrespect to Terry60; are the instructions posted above all I really need to do:

Get the latest build of 2.0
BCD Install-Repair / Change boot drive
Job Done.

Of course, I'll backup (image) beforehand.

That's much easier than entering scary commands at the command prompt. :smile:
Yeah, that's the whole point of EasyBCD! :smile:

Good luck!!!


Make double-sure to use only the latest build of EasyBCD 2 though. I just uploaded build 88 a few minutes ago.
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I like to think of myself as a relatively advanced computer user, but this is one of the scariest things I've done on a computer. Everything worked out great (build 90). A donation is on its way.

I always try to understand what I'm doing before I change configuration settings. Understanding BCD was something of a stretch for me, but I got myself to the point where I was ready to let EasyBCD do its thing.

One very minor suggestion I would make: The success message states that EasyBCD "...has loaded the new BCD store for modification." It leaves the impression that another step - "modification" - is needed.

Thanks again for EasyBCD.
thanks for the information above-extremely helpful !

I install Windows 7 x64 from an active partition HDD (all DVD files copied to root), installs very fast to target drive, but I eventually wanted to move the boot files to the target drive and unplug the install HDD.