Changing the Windows Vista Startup Sound

Mak 2.0

Staff member
Well CG since you know more about this than anoyone i know. The startup sound for Vista. Not the logon sound. The one that displays before you get the logon options. That sound. Can that be changed and if so where can i find it? Thanks CG.
They purposely disabled that option - it's a marketing plan to make it a "integral part" of the Windows experience: just like the Apple beep from the 90s.

I did locate it once, I think it was when I was searching for a particular hi-res icon (the Windows Update one, maybe?); it's stored as a resource in a DLL file - not as a WAV on the disk. You can use Reshacker to extract the sound when you find it....

I'll see if I cannot remember where I saw it - if I do, I'll certainly post back.

At any rate, it should be changable, just not easily :smile:
You are the man CG. Thanks for the informative post. Now i can change it and pass this info on.