Charged Twice for EasyBCD


I bought EasyBCD last Tuesday, Feb 25. I was just checking my credit card balances and see that the $29.95 was double posted. I may have messed up the the buying process somehow.

Credit for $29.95 would be appreciated.

I doubt that this is the best way to request a refund, bearing in mind you will need to give some indication of your username/email address. I cant believe your first name is Pete and surname is 491.

Perhaps try responding to the email address the invoice was sent from/mention for support?


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There's a contact link at the bottom of the EasyBCD web page which gives the Sales email as

Please don't post personal information here.


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Hi Pete,

As Peter already pointed out, can you please send an email to or with your order number and the email address? There should be no problem in arranging for a refund for the duplicate charge.