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I'm wondering what is repeatedly setting a flag that prompts for a check of the hard drive. It seems to be triggered regardless of which version of Windows I specify to boot. I am not deviating from the regular start-up procedure at all. And I cannot figure out what's causing this. Does anybody have any ideas what could be setting a flag that there is a problem with the disc?

System is configured to triple-boot. (XP Pro, Vista Basic, and Ubuntu 7.10)

Moved to General Support as this is not specifically EasyBCD related. :wink:

As for the problem. Someone else here had this issue. I think there is a command to run to stop it. Like chkdsk /-r or something like that. Not sure. bu ti am sure someone who knows it will be by to tell you exactly what it is and how to stop it. :smile:
The transaction that I have used in the past to cancel this would apply to either XP or Vista but I think you would have to initiate it in the same system that the original chkdsk was ordered. One hint that might help - sometimes a boot-time defrag can automatically trigger this.
Anyway here's the transaction to use in command prompt (right-click cmd prompt and run as Admin in Vista):
chkntfs /x C: then hit the Enter key, (note the spaces between s and /, x and C, and alter C to whatever drive letter)
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I think your ChkDsk Annoyance is real, and related to dual-boot!

Hi. Before posting to this forum, I did a search for ChkDsk on this forum, but found nothing (might not have looked in the right place!). So I just posted "Could EasyBCD be causing ChkDsk to run?", outlining my observation (based on four different machines) that this happened shortly after I installed Windows 7 in a dual-boot configuration with Windows XP, using EasyBCD to manage things. The fact that this occurs on multiple machines (some quite new) suggests it is not "hardware". The fact that the Windows 7 community is not "up in arms" about this suggests that a straight-forward Win 7 install does not cause this. Hence I suspect something is not working quite right, either with dual-boot (and Windows 7) or with EasyBCD.

As people who replied to your post noted, you can force ChkDsk to not run, but then what happens if there really is an error on your disk and ChkDsk finds a problem? That is why I am choosing, for now, to let it run, see "No errors detected" multiple times, and hope someone figures out why this inappropriate behavior occurs (who is setting the Dirty Bit?) and fixes the problem.

I quad-boot using EasyBCD & iReboot - 2 x Vista SP2 and 2 X Win 7 and don't have the problem.
BSchor, as this thread is rather old and no doubt the OP has moved on to bigger and greater things can you please confine your discussion to the thread here? I've replied to your question there.

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