As a long time Windows user, I am quite used to long boot up times when booting up my computo-bot. Since I recently installed Win 7 on a new HDD, that has not been so much an issue yet old habits die hard. My old hard drive had Vista installed yet I chose not to upgrade it for fear of transferring over the increasing amount of issues it was presenting opting instead to go with a completely fresh install. With both hard drives in my Gateway P7811FX laptop, I have been able to toggle start ups by way of hitting F10 on the way up. (Since I have been browsing this site it appears there are more feasible ways of doing this).

Nevertheless, Win 7 Pro has been functioning for the last couple weeks until I wanted to use my other OS that is... I usually bullet-point but I am feeling rather expressive today; I will cut to the chase. Vista hibernated for the night, and when I rebooted I walked away as I am wont to do, so used to long loads. Hence my issue: the computer decided to boot the primary, Win 7 drive from its hibernation. Then, I am assuming because I recognized unregistered changes since it went under went about running CHKDSK. Since I was unavailable to stop it having trekked to the fridge, Windows set about "Replacing invalid security id with default security id for [everything it could find]". Now Win 7 cannot access the drive, and when booting the drive I get a black screen on the laptop monitor, and extended monitor and a mouse pointer.

I have seen this issue documented on other forums yet no clean solutions. Thought I'd let you guys take a crack at it.

What MSDN has to say:
Error Message:
Replacing invalid security id with default security id for file filename.


The specified file has an invalid security ID. Each file on an NTFS or FAT volume has a security ID assigned it. The ID assigned to the data file does not match the ID assigned to security data stream file ($SDS). There is a mismatch in Ids. Chkdsk is replacing the invalid security ID. No user action required.


My Spidey Sense told me to stop the scan yet experience dictated not to. Hoping my drive has not been corrupted by these shenanigans..
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Hi Xenix,

I'd say focus on making sure your important files can be retrieved before worrying about whether the OS can boot or not at this point.

Hook up the drive to another PC, don't run chkdsk (again?), and try to browse for your documents. Generally speaking, invalid security id warnings are bad for the OS but good news for the documents - they are about the meta data and mean (hopefully!) that the files themselves haven't been corrupted.
I am unable to access anything from the drive directly (insufficient permissions). I can however boot the drive into the recovery console and see my files via command prompt. Short of copy *.* to another drive, is there anyway I can bypass the OS/permissions and get to the files?


In my "What does this button do" quest, I stumbled across The security tab after right clicking the down drive through my Win7 drive. The Administrators group had all check boxes unchecked; I just gave Admin full control. It is processing the request and adding permissions now. Hopefully I did not just make it worse.
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Tis funny you mention Ubuntu; I had planned to blow that partition away and put Ubuntu on it as soon as I got my files off.. Drive crashed during the back-up, must have seen it coming..


I shall give that a shot; thanks
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