CHMOD-Win 3.0 Released


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
CHMOD-Win 3.0 has been released as the long-awaited successor to NeoSmart Technologies' first program ever. CHMOD-Win is the very foundation of NeoSmart's unofficial production guideline: stick to the basics, find something ingenious, make it good.

CHMOD-Win 3.0 has come a long way, and this is most likely the final release. Version 3.0 has moved along from the archaic .NET 1.1 platform to .NET 2.0, largely because of in-built dynamic Vista support, but also because of some nifty tricks we've done in the code (no, you can't see it), that make CHMOD-Win 3.0 faster than ever.

What you can see is the much approved user interface, complete with a new skin, logo, and more. It has several small tweaks and changes to the user interface and is more responsive and straight-forward in application flow.

Download: CHMOD-Win 3.0
Screenshots: CHMOD-Win Image Gallery